W5 provides a variety of services, from news and features reporting, to photography, to media relations work and corporate publications.


Published in three dozen newspapers and magazines in the UK, Canada and the US, Tristan Stewart-Robertson is an NCE-qualified Canadian reporter based in Glasgow, Scotland. Speciality reporting topics include indigenous culture/politics, violence against women, asylum and immigration issues, legal affairs and court coverage, epilepsy care/education, cross-Atlantic stories and ex-pats, Freedom of Information and real life. But a good story knows no boundaries or categories. Get in touch if W5 can help your publication with specific commissions. Or contact us if you have a story you think needs to be told.

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Even the best words require pictures, and photography is an important element of W5's work. W5 can provide still photography for news and features, as well as corporate publications. W5 also collaborates with broadcast specialists macmillanmedia for video content in some instances, providing multimedia coverage to publications or organisations.

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Copywriting and Content Editing

W5 can provide copywriting and content editing for any corporate document - any size, any subject, any requirements. From pamphlets to press releases to corporate reports, W5 can help prepare and polish publications with professional skill and speed. Get in touch to discuss how W5 can help sell your services and business.

Media Training

W5 can help you navigate the media landscape and see the stories reporters want, and how to present them. Tristan Stewart-Robertson is a self-declared journalism addict so put him to work for you and develop a plan to develop new, professional partnerships with the press.

"Epilepsy Scotland was pleased with the quality and timely writing for leaflets we commissioned from Tristan Stewart-Robertson. Tristan has also been short-listed for award-winning articles on epilepsy issues and won our Journalist of the Year award in 2007. He can handle any brief diligently and writes with clarity, precision, insight and humour."

Allana M Parker, Communications Manager
Epilepsy Scotland

"W5 Press Agency delivers clean copy and solid analysis. I count on freelancers to file on topic, on time and on budget, and Tristan Stewart-Robertson has never let me down."

Eric Marks
Opinion Page Editor
New Brunswick Telegraph Journal